The Funhouse BArber shop haircuts, fades, tapers and more!

What is the Funhouse Barbershop experience?


When you come to a black barbershop, the first thing that you feel is the comradery of the barbers and clients who feel like family. Here at the Funhouse Barbershop at the Loft La Brea the jovial and familial atmosphere is intensified by the level of entertainment experienced from the conversations to the classic black movies that are constantly played. What makes us different from the movie Barber Shop, is the attention we pay to making it feel less like the black man's country club, but more like the black man's living room. When you walk in and see Cotton Comes to Harlem, Buck and the Preacher, or the Greatest featuring Ali, you feel like your uncle came over to school you on some rich culture, and you just so happen to be getting the cut of your life.


Best Black Barbershop

Michael Elton Casey


fades That Works for You


Every haircut that we render conforms to the shape of your head, not the desire of the barber. 

commitment to excellence


When you make it a point to take time out of your day to come get a fade or taper once a week, you want to go to the best black barbershop in the city. Well you've found just that! Not only will you receive   a world renowned haircut, but you will recognize that we reward professionalism and excellence, therefore, we take pride in being the exemplars of both.

The Funhouse Barbershop Concept.


Everybody loves a funhouse and people go to the black barbershop to get the same type of elation they get at a funhouse. This shop is like taking a walk into your wildest dream and leaving with the haircut of your life. Its Alice in Wonderland meets design wars for black hair. This truly is the best black barbershop in Los Angeles with a funky twist that will leave you speechless. Michael Casey took a blank canvas and created the sistine chapel for barbershops.

You’re in Luck: We’re good!


The best black haircuts and haircuts period! See for yourself!